Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kids pictures 2013

I had pictures taken of my kids for Mothers Day and I am loving them!  They did so good and I got genuine smiles from all of them!  I sure love these 3...they are my WORLD and everything I do is for them!!!  Brynlee is SO beautiful, I LOVE jords dimple and his evil smile and Zade makes me laugh every single day...They are a joy and blessing to me!

Sunday, April 14, 2013


My big boy Jordan turned 6 on friday!  It is crazy that I have a 6 year old!  I am blessed with an amazing, smart, loving and very curious 6 yr old boy!  We celebrated friday morning with blue crepes, then he was birthday buddy at preschool for the day and then that night we were able to go to the rec center and swim, do karate, gymnastics eat ice cream and just have fun being together and with a few of his preschool buddies.  
Yesterday we had a friend party at our place.  We did a science party and it turned out super cute!  None of the boys wanted to leave and we extended the party an extra hour and that still wasn't enough time to play together!  
                   This is a picture of some of the experiments and supplies we needed
          Science test tub favors to take home! (pop rocks and snow caps!)
           Boys playing bey blades while we were waiting for everyone to show up
                          all the scientist ready to begin!
         We made lava lamps and it was pretty cool to watch the chemical reactions!
           Boys making messy slime!!  It was so fun to play with though!
       Getting ready to watch the diet coke and mentos explode!
           My birthday buddy and his cake!! (LOVE HIS BLUE EYES)

          here is the birthday crew!  We had a blast and this year will be amazing!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Today was such a fun day!  It started out with an unplanned wisdom tooth being pulled for me but it wasnt to bad and Im glad it is out!  We still managed to pull off a fun day and we went and fed the ducks, went hiking and enjoyed the sunshine, and finished it off with an ice cream cone!  The kids were so happy being outside in the warm weather and hiking and playing together.  It was just a great day and now they are worn out and fast asleep!

                Kings and Queen of the rock!!
              This was the beautiful view!  I am so happy to live in the place I do!  Its beautiful here!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

We had a family celebration for Brynlee and me today.  We went to the park and the weather was beautiful! My parents got subways, chips and then we had this wonderful ice cream cake!  (My favorite)  It was super fun being together with cousins and enjoying the beautiful place we live!!  Happy birthday my sweet girl!!

                                   We got her a new violin!  It is so little and cute!!

                                          Cute cousins!
                                Furbee our kid herder! He makes sure the kids are alright!

 Valentines Day 2013!  Jordan had a party at school and then some neighbors and friends also threw a party for us.  It was a blast and we got WAY to much candy and sweets!

              Leonardo Ninja turtle

                       Zades ipad

              Bryn made her whole box herself...start to finish!